Scanning Electron Microscopy

Organic Scanning Kit

Organic Scanning Kit is the pioneer of using e-beam to test original fluids and liquid samples.
Organic Scanning Kit can test and monitor coating materials in their original form, especially in the liquid state.
The functions of the chip and liquid sample holder are versatile (disposable version for slurry testing, inline version for process monitoring, quick assembly version for electrode testing) and high-resolution inspection simultaneously.
The system is capable of displaying the images of sample in its liquid state under original conditions and providing analysis results such as particle size distribution, dispersity, uniformity, concentration, shape and composition required for R&D and production.
The liquid sample holder in the MFC system is compatible with different preparation tools (such as powder disperser for powder size distribution analysis, centrifuge for bio-sample morphology observation and membrane filter for liquid defect identification) for static inspection in various applications. The sample in the holder can be transferred to different inspection platforms to obtain the correlative information and make versatile and in-depth analysis of the sample possible.

Scientific Principles
The principles between two parts: I. Ultra-thin sample adaptive chips & II. liquid sample holder.

Ultra-thin sample adaptive chips
Produced using the semi-conductor manufacturing process together with surface treatment, the membrane can be made hydrophobic, hydrophilic or bifunctional linkers for different applications, allowing samples under test to automatically adhere to the observation window for best image resolution. To ensure image quality, the membrane thickness is designed to be less than 30 nm, yet it is made robust by adjusting the window size and shape to withstand the pressure difference between the vacuum and atmosphere.






chemical mechanical polishing slurry

Slurry paticle size and composition analysis; particle aggregation and dispersibility analysis, solving the problem in monitoring manufacturing process defects.

metal plating

In PCB manufacturing process,precipitation of heavy metal particles in degraded electroplating liquid causes abnormal end product . therefore , in-situ monitoring analysis is required.

paint & coating material

Analysis of the actual particle distribution in the paint or coating suspension

solder paste, thermal grease and packaging silver glue

Liquid manufacturing process analysis , exclude abnormality in the related pastes and silver glue in product manufacturing process.

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