BGA rework and repair service

Fraction Technologies provides a high-quality reballing and rework solution that is based on customer’s various requirements.

BGA components might often encounter with manufacturing defects or improper user handling and reworking them will comparably be a more cost efficient solution over repurchasing

BGA Rework and Reballing Service

Review Data Sheet

1. Review of datasheets and specific instructions indicated by customers

Cleaning Residue

2. Begin the actual reballing process with the removal of existing solder balls and cleaning up of the BGA pad surface to remove remaining residues.

Attaching and aligning of solder balls

3. Attaching and aligning of solder balls using customised stencil based on customer’s individual specification i.e. solder ball dimension, location/placement. The stencil will guide the solder balls to match the size and spacing of the BGA with precision.

Reflow Process

4. We will proceed with the reflow process using convection reflow system to achieve optimal temperature control and exposure ensuring the soldering process to be precise

Cleaning Process

5. Thorough cleaning procedure will be conducted to ensure leftover flux will be completely removed. We will then do a complete inspection and verification of the finished product to make sure all balls are securely reflowed onto the BGA pad on the correct locations.


6. X-ray inspection to the finished product for your further analyzation and review.

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