Automatic Test & Measurement

The measurement program provided as standard the Auto-measurement function for fast and repeatable results. This provides extra convenience and time saving. Manual measurement is always possible, as well as re-measurement or deleting single hardness values.

N-Sure Advanced User Interface Software

The METKON N-Sure software program features a flexible Windows based user interface that increases productivity and operator efficiency by automating the test & measurement process. The User Interface has an immediate recognition and provides a user-friendly flexibility in settings and daily operation.

Automatic Light Brightness

The light brightness is automatically adjusted by
the user interface software for the best image
quality and the most accurate auto
measurements. The hardness tester equipped
with powerful LED light source and compact
optic system to provide excellent image quality.

22” Full HD Multi-Touch Desktop Monitor

The easy-to-operate test & measurement
program, clear images capture by integrated
camera and high-resolution display on 22"
touch screen monitor provide the lab staff easy
access and shared visibility of indent results to
analyze and discuss together.

Motorized XY-Stage

(Available on M3 and M4 models)
DUROLINE M3 and M4 models are equipped
with high precision motorized XY-stage with
100x150 mm travel range and Autostage
software module. It provides multiple tests &
measurements fully automatically without
operator intervention. Mapping function allows
overview image of comple sample surface. The
test points are easily determined on the sample
with pre-defined or user defined patterns.

Automatic Focus

(Available on M2 and M4 models)
DUROLINE M2 and M4 models are equipped
with high precision motorized spindle and
Autofocus software module. It automatically
sharpens the image in seconds. This provides
extra convenience, maximum automation and
time saving.


Smart hardness testing with smashing performance - NEW GENERATION - 

Main system features 

Complete micro-load range for HV/HK scales from 10gf to 1kgf

•Auto Measurement with Zoom Window for more accurate measurement

•Flexible Windows 10 based hardness test & measurement program METKON N-Sure 

•Database generating test results and reports

•22” Full HD Capacitive 10-point Multi-Touch desktop monitor •Integrated high-res camera 420MB/s with USB3.1 interface with zoom capability

 •Integrated LED light source with controller •Integrated Windows operated mini-pc, Intel, SSD specs

•Interface network USB (4), RS-232 (1), HDMI (1)

Very robust opto-mechanical system

 •New generation electronics and motors in full system integration ensuring reliable performance​

•Service friendly, remote accessability

•Meets latest ISO, ASTM and JIS standards/Knoop Micro-Hardness Tester with Test & Measurement software Windows 10 "N-Sure" including Auto-Measurement module
Test Loads: 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000gf 

suitable for testing
HV0,01 - HV0,025 - HV0,05 - HV0,1- HV0,2 - HV0,3 - HV0,5 - HV1
HK0,01 - HK0,025 - HK0,05 - HK0,1- HK0,2 - HK0,3 - HK0,5 - HK1
in compliance with standard ISO 6507 and ASTM E-384.