Diamond lapping Films

Optical Image Plating Via


Parallel material removal or parallel lapping is usually done manually, enabling the operator to continuously examine the surface. Each time the operator must confirm the layer of interest is not exposed and that the surface is still parallel either using scanning electron microscopy or optical microscope. This takes time for the sample preparation and great skill for the deprocessing.
A selective diamond particle resin bonded to a uniform 3-mil polyester film backing. Excellent for polishing samples with differing hardness. Ideal for the preparation of cross sections for Scanning Electron Microscope and Transmission Electron analysis in the analytical laboratories.
Available 8",10” 12" discs with plain back (P/B), pressure sensitive adhesive back (PSA) or rolls.

Polyester backed lapping films ranging diamond film sizes 0.1um, 0.5um, 1um, 3um, 6um, 9um, 15um and 30um

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